Short cut easy solution

  1. Uninstall exiting printer driver / software and reinstall printer driver in computer by using original source
  2. Before use of printer must to turn off automatic update the firmware of printer option in your computer. If you dont know how to turn off the auto update than please read below the whole process in details.
  3. Once you completed above two methods kindly restart your computer.

How to Make Generic Ink Cartridges Work on an HP Printer

Is your HP printer won’t recognize the new ink cartridge? It won’t if you’re using a generic ink cartridge. HP aims to stop consumers from using generic ink cartridges by making them incompatible with their printers. That way, consumers will have no other choice but to go with genuine HP ink cartridges despite being significantly more expensive than generic ones.

Why Your HP Printer won’t Recognize New Ink Cartridge

HP has launched what is called a cartridge protection setting on its genuine ink cartridges. This system locks original ink cartridges into a specific printer so you won’t be able to use them with a different printer. If you own an HP OfficeJet Pro 251dw printer and decide to purchase a brand new HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 ink printer that uses the same HP 950 and 951 cartridges, you won’t be able to use these cartridges in the new printer since they are locked to your old one. With that being said, you won’t be able to refill, recycle, or remanufacture the cartridges for use in a different printer because HP and its cartridge protection system won’t allow it.

Why You Want to Disable HP Cartridge Protection

It makes no sense to have such a restrictive cartridge system. Some of the reasons why you may want to disable the HP cartridge protection include:


1. You’ll be prohibited to use refilled or remanufactured HP ink cartridges 

2. You won’t be able to use the ink cartridges on a new printer if they have already been loaded to your old one.

3. You can’t recycle your ink cartridges which means they will end up as trash once they are empty

4. HP’s cartridge protection setting can sometimes work against brand new genuine or started cartridges as reported by some users.

Fortunately, there’s a way to disable HP cartridge protection and make generic ink cartridges work on your printer. And the good news is it’s relatively easy to do on your own even without any technical know-how.

How to Disable HP Cartridge Protection


Disabling the HP cartridge protection on your printer can be done in a few easy steps. If your printer doesn’t come with internet features, here’s how to do it.

1. From the Printer menu, go to Printer Settings

2. Find the option that allows you to disable HP cartridge protection

3. Select the disable option

4. Click Apply and Save if necessary

If your HP printer comes with internet features, however, follow these steps:

1. Open a web browser and type in your HP printer’s IP address on the web address. 
Note: You can find your printer’s IP address by going to your Printer Settings and then making your way to Network Setup options.

2. Your printer’s Embedded Web server opens. Go to Settings and then HP Cartridge Protection.

3. Select Disable HP Cartridge Protection

4. Click on Apply or Save

Disable HP Cartridge Protection from Your Windows PC​

1. Go to Control Panel and select Printers and Devices

2. Locate and right-click on your printer on the list

3. Select properties followed by the software tab

4. Select properties followed by the software tab

How Do You Trick HP Ink Cartridges?

  • Question. Can you use other ink cartridges in an HP printer?
  • It will depend on what type of “other” ink cartridge you intend to use on your HP printer. If it’s a third-party or generic compatible/remanufactured ink cartridge of the same model number, then yes, it will work. Sometimes, you will encounter some error message warning indicating your use of a none-OEM ink cartridge. If this happens, just hit “OK” to bypass the message and continue printing using your generic ink. 

Can I stop my HP printer performing automatic firmware updates?

Absolutely! It’s possible to simply turn the automatic updates off and this can be done via the printer, via your computer or via the HP app.

Disabling automatic HP firmware updates via the printer’s control panel

Please follow the instructions below:

1. Click on the dark blue bar at the top (the one with a setup sign, Wi-Fi sign and an ink drop).


2.  new menu appears. Click on Setup at the top left of the menu.


3. The configuration menu will open. Scroll down to Printer Maintenance


4. Click on Printer Maintenance and then on Update the Printer.


5. Choose Printer Update options and then Do Not Check.


6. Press NO when asked if you want to turn on Printer Updates.


Going forward HP will not be able to alter your firmware and you can continue using Cartridge People Own Brand cartridges without any issues.


1. Select Config from the menu.


2. The configuration menu will open. Scroll down to Extra and press OK.


3. On the following screen, scroll down to Update the printer and press OK.


4. Select Update automatically and press OK.


5. Scroll down to off and press OK.


6. You’ll see the following screen.


7. Press NO.

From then on, HP will not be able to alter your firmware and you can continue using our Own Brand products without any issues. 

Disabling automatic HP firmware updates using the control panel on your PC

1. Open HP update option.

– Windows 10: Click Start, click All apps, click HP and click HP Update.

– Windows 8: Choose Windows + Q on your keyboard, type HP Update in the search bar and click on HP Update in the results list.

– Windows 7/Vista: Click Start, click All programmes, click HP and click HP Update.

– Windows XP: Click Start, click All programmes, click on the HP map and click HP Software Update.

– OS X: Mac uses its own software! No updates will take place via OS X.


2. Click on the Settings button. The HP Update Settings popup will appear.

3. Select Never and click on the OK button. 


Close the HP Update program by clicking the cross.

Disabling automatic HP firmware updates via the HP Smart app

(Available on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets)

1. Click the printer image on the home screen.

2. Click Advanced Settings.

3. Click Tools.

4. Click Printer Updates and click Firmware Updates.

5. Select “Do not check for updates” and click Apply.

6. A popup will appear with the following question: “Do you want to turn on printer updates?”. Click No.