Refilling Process

The refilling process include the following steps :

  • Injecting Ink
  • Installing
  • Print Head cleaning

Injecting ink: The ink injection depends on the type of the cartridge being refilled. There are two points of reflling ink in a cartridge either from the hole situated at the top of the cartridge or directly into the cartridge ink chambers when the top of the cartridge is poped off. The process should be carried in very slow pace so that any damage can be avoided.

Installing: Once the ink is refilled, the cartridge can be reinstalled. It should be noted that any ink flowing from the cartridge should be carefully wiped out. Some cartridge models have a problem that the ink does not reach the bottom of the cartridge, in such cases the ink should be forced to the bottomby the jet plate or by putting pressure from the top.

Print-head cleaning: Dried ink causes blockage on the printer head, this can even cause permanent dmage to the cartridge. Such blockage should be cleaned before the printer becomes operational again. It can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol on a swab by gently rubbing 3 or 4 times across the print-head